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Chiropractic & PT

The goal at Rockport Physical Medicine & Hawkins Chiropractic is to offer the most effective pain management and pain relief using both traditional medicine and natural methods such as chiropractic care.  Unlike so many practices that only focus on a single form of treatment, here you will find a team of doctors and other medical professionals who use all of the natural techniques and medical therapies available to alleviate pain.

Through a combination of both modern and age-old therapies including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and rehabilitative exercise, our patients experience pain relief that is both fast and longer-lasting than with medication and conventional therapy.


If you’re looking for the top Chiropractor Rockport has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. By combining both conventional and natural methods, we provide our patients with the absolute best of all approaches to modern health care.  Our team focuses first on healing injured tissue and reducing inflammation of the body and spine.  Once the injury is healed and no longer inflamed, our team then works with the patient to restore strength and rebuild the area, improving overall strength and health of the spine.


For over a century, chiropractic techniques have been one of the most widely used natural methods of treating chronic back pain.  Chiropractic medicine as a method of pain relief is constantly evolving and Rockport Physical Medicine emphasizes combining time-tested chiropractic techniques with rehabilitative exercise to manage and relieve pain.  The most common cause of back pain is irritation of the spinal nerves.  Our team of top Rockport chiropractors will work to reduce pressure and inflammation that affect the sensitive spinal nerves.

Chiropractic adjustments work by relieving the tension that places pressure on these nerves for instant, or near-instant, pain relief.  Chiropractic medicine emphasizes the relationship between the spine and the central and peripheral nervous systems.  Regular adjustments from our chiropractors can alleviate not onlyback and neck pain, but pain and symptoms from conditions affecting the rest of the body as well.

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Physical Therapy


At Rockport Physical Medicine, PA, our priority is on restoring the joints, spine and bodies of our patients to maximum pain free function. 

From the moment your physician/mid-level refers you to our Physical Therapy Department, until you reach the end of your treatment program, you can feel confident that you are getting our absolute best patient-centered care. We strive to provide each individual patient the personalized care needed to relieve your pain fast and keep you pain free for the long haul.

Our Physical Therapist, Jed McNally, PT, will start by conducting a thorough assessment of your condition.  He will then develop a personalized treatment program to speed your healing.  Our first goal will be to relieve inflammation and treat your injury/post-surgical care with physical therapy and physical modalities. As the inflammation subsides, our Physical Therapist helps you to strengthen areas that have been weakened as a result of injury or surgery to help ensure complete healing so that you remain pain free.

Our focus on restoring function and mobility to your joints and spine helps reduce pain and fatigue.  In addition to therapies provided in our office, every patient receives a plan of independent exercises and home therapies that, if followed, will speed recovery. The customized program focus on strengthening your spinal and core muscles to improve your flexibility and activity levels.

If you are in pain, we want to help you get your life back. 

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